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Every minute, waking and not.
Every minute, waking and not, my mind races with nothing but thought,anxiety, and the need to see, everything witness, every truth, my heart so desperately looking for fallacies.  
Every minute, waking and not,I seek explanation while so distraught, mind races back to the four year old me, not able to understand what he hears what he sees.
Every minute, waking and not, I feel my heart beat faster and throat get taught, my eye's start to tingle and I hold back the tears,for them I fear.
Every minute, waking, because sleeping I'm not, I question myself if I should continue or stop, or settle for comfort, a complacent rot.
Every minute, waking, because sleeping I'm not, looking in the mirror and seeing the lines stress has brought, false smiles, false laughs, and no forgiveness sought.
Every minute, waking, because sleeping I'm not, I take pride in being alive and everything I have taught, I live to serve even if it comprises being,self sacrifice is a small price to pay to teach the
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Literature feel
A lighter clicks in the black of night,
Smoke fills the lungs,
To make it right,
but the smoke can't asphyxiate whats really there,
Only dull the senses,
So i can forget to care,
Forget everything that causes despair,
A lie,
A heartbreak,
emotions floating,
All these things leading to why i'm smoking,
but i'm not there yet,
till i'm trapped by the haze,
I feel alright,
Puff then pass,
to the left not the right,
I'll worry about tomorrow after i make it through tonight,
tomorrow gives me another day to see the sun,
even if now i have no desire to see another one.
I wish to enjoy at least one day,
one night to feel,
another night to heal,
all i need,
craving for munchies while trying not to feed,
into the pain,
the sorrow,
all things forgotten by tomorrow,
but i'm not there yet,
I rip it hard and let it set,
to enjoy the night,
the company,
and my life.
It has everything to do with addiction,
as a coping mechanism,
release some friction that grinds my mind,
my heart,
my soul,
it becomes
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What is seen
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Mature content
Epilouge :iconbrotherdiaz:BrotherDiaz 0 3
Sweet Surrender
Sweet Surrender,
How good it feels to drop my defense
to finally leave myself vulnerable to you and your loving caress
so hard it has been to let go and be out of that place,
Of guarding,of fear,always trying to escape
it took me too long to come to acceptance
that i deserve to be loved,
instead of forcing myself to first seek penance,
but none of that matters now because this feel true,
even if its not forever,
i couldn't ask for anything more than to love and be loved by you.
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Man, meat and bone.
I am but an animal.
Man, meat and bone.
My markings,my skin.
My habitat.
Concrete Jungle.
My home.
I live to learn, i learn to grow
I consume, because i can.
I reap what i sow.
I think, therefore i am.
I choose how i want to be.
I am equal not more.
I am no better than she.  
I am but an animal.
Man,meat and bone.
My Habitat.
Concrete jungle.
my home.
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Cold Dark Room
I can see every breath taken in front of my eyes.
A reminder, a reassurance that i am still alive.
As i sit here with a cold metal pen in my hand,
I feel calm,serene ready to write words unplanned.
It is quite, but i prefer it this way.
I already live in enough noise,it would ruin my literary ballet.  
This space is practically empty and the light is dim.
Combined with the cold, this is the best environment to be in.
Most would find it depressing.
For me it is a blessing.
To create in an environment that has such subtle beauty.
I embrace it and allow it to translate through me.
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I Walk alone. No retainer, no blade, give me no favor.
Put down the sword a long time ago.
for love, sacrifice, blind loyalty.
To me, she was royalty.
I knew what i was missing before missing the miss.
That was the problem, that was the risk.
then she was gone, against my silent wish.
I did her right because i didn't do me.
Now i walk the night, tonight, every night.
Looking for love in lust or just a fight.
I Walk alone. No retainer, no blade, give me no favor.
Protect me night, so i can keep on the path to find the one that's right.
Whether its the one that takes my heart or takes my life.
Either way, I've accepted fate is the one who chooses right.
Sometimes i look at the stars and wonder if its worth the fight.
Tonight, tomorrow, days from now.
My heart beats still, i stop to listen and wonder how,
I Walk alone. No retainer, no blade, give me no favor.
However long it takes to get the feeling of warmth back in my chest.
I'll trek on until i meet the one that suits best.
When that t
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Upon the rocks
A siren sits upon the rocks 
Surrounded by life that live by no clocks 
Singing her song for no one but the sky 
I hear it, even though I dare not try 
No matter what I do I hear that sweet melody 
It makes my heart beat with every note which has fell upon me 
It draws me in but I must resist 
She makes me believe she could grant my fondest wish  
Stories I've heard say otherwise 
To be cradled in her arms is to forfeit life.....
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Chapter I (?)
Things are not as simple as they always seem
A dot, a spot, so easily it seems to just clean
If light only knew what it was truly shinning upon
the beginning, the end a not so welcomed dawn
and may that dawn bring the unexpected
an experience, a lesson that all things are connected
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30 Day Art Challenge #30
Every word written is a part of me
Every though, every emotion is what it is to be
Embrace life
don't allow it to stab you in the heart like a knife  
Embrace Love
There is no point in living if you cant give yourself that shove
Embrace Pain
Sometimes we need a little to remind us we are alive and that its not all in vain  
Don't fear the future because it has to come yet
Don't hang on to the past because it is permanently set
Remember the biggest thing holding you back is you
Remember it is within your grasp to accomplish what you want to do
If you ever feel alone just know there are open arms out there waiting for your embrace
It just takes a little time, a little footwork, its up to how to set the pace
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30 Say Art Challenge #29
Drops on rooftops fall
cold embrace on face refresh
memories of love
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30 Day Art Challenge #28
arches and antiques
a tapestry that hangs like a poster on a child's bedroom wall  
fake candles
finished walls
Marble on the floor and on the counters to guide with elegance
under any other circumstance i would be amazed
i once was
but now this is the day to day where i spend my time
my job ,my work....the divine.
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30 Day Art Challenge #27
Her body sways back and forth  
Back and forth
Before her, a temple coated in snow  
a stranger offers her freedom, but instantly she must go
and before her stands her first obstacle
three demons each wielding her end
one fall
two fall
the third, all lay in the snow
her journey begins
but what it is she has yet to know.
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30 Day Art Challenge #26
confectionery covered in compound chocolate,
orange center flavored with that similar to a peanut
yet its taste is sweeter
the smell that lingers so sweetly
the taste that holds tightly to your tongue and taste buds
the taste that can be shared with a kiss
how simple a piece of candy can be
yet how complex the emotion it brings
the memories that follow
and how it sticks to the teeth
so annoyingly you must pick it out
but even the best things in life don't come without consequence
candy is no exception to this.
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30 Day Art Challenge #25
O beauty
May your feather cloak dry from your tears of longing
May you pluck the fallen from the fields of war
May they dine in your presence and obtain glory under your roof
May you find the love you search for
May he be willing to fall into your arms
O beauty....
O beauty....
O beauty....  
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My work is me,its the lives of others i have known. Pretty much every piece on here is a spontanious thought that had to get out, hence all the typos.


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Been working on writing more fiction by writing whatever pops in my head. Trying to make some kind of story line, but really I am not sure how it will work out.  

Good thing I do not call myself a writer otherwise my work would be embarrassing.  



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